Wednesday, January 8, 2014

How Far Have I Come?

How Far Have I Come?

Sawyer and I have been relatively inactive for our 20 Time project, "Food For The Community", for the past couple of months. We have decided to start working on our project more thoroughly once the spring starts to roll around. We feel like we will have more time to visit the food pantry once it is warm and our schedules cooperate with the times that the food pantry has to offer. However, we have gone to the food pantry a few times, and I can say that it has been very helpful. Just the experience of being around people that are less fortunate than us, gives me the feeling of needing to help them. After one of my first sessions, I felt like I was already making a huge difference in our community.

20 Time was a very fun experience that I wasn't expecting when I entered this class. I was not looking for a project where we had to help the community in some way. However, as the project went along, I really liked what I was doing in order to help out York City. After all, I was doing something that I loved and was really passionate about. Looking back at the experience that I had throughout this entire semester with all of the different tasks and challenges that were given to us for 20 time, I feel like I am a better person than who I was at the start of the school year. I am very thankful for this opportunity that Mrs. Anderson gave us, and I think that more classes should get the chance to do what they love and have fun while doing it.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Benefits of My Research

Benefits of My Research

My passion has many benefits for other people.  For example, if I become an Orthopedic Surgeon, I will be able to help people everyday with problems that they have.  My research, on the other hand, will also help people that share the passion of being an Orthopedic Surgeon.  After reading what I have researched, the reader will know what steps to take to get into medical school.  Also, they will know what to expect in order to become an Orthopedic Surgeon.

Unfortunately, all of the days that we scheduled previously to go to the food pantry, my partner and I were unable to coordinate our schedules.  When one person was free, the other had something to do.  For the rest of the semester, we are looking for any days that the manager is willing to give us to work.  We are hoping to get as much work as we can throughout the rest of the semester.  We may even try to make up some of the work that we missed next semester.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Passion Opportunities

Passion Opportunities
In order to fully fulfill my passion, I will open up a restaurant.  This is the best way to follow my passion for food, because not only do I love to cook, but I love to see the look on people’s faces when they taste my food.  I think that the best part of being able to open up a restaurant is to give people great tasting food that was made from the heart.  Since I am going to be taking on another job of being an Orthopedic Surgeon, I will try to work at the restaurant as often as I can.  However, I am hoping to have a family in the future, and I wouldn’t want the restaurant to get in the way of our relationship.  I really like the idea of having an Italian restaurant that makes comfort style food.  However, I am a little worried of the fact that the average restaurant is around $730,000 for start-up financing.  That includes the land, but doesn’t include all of the equipment that I would need, whether it be stoves, ovens, or even tables and chairs.  With these costs in mind, I would need to work hard at my primary job in order to afford this.  

Monday, November 11, 2013

My Biggest Learning Experience

My Biggest Learning Experience
The most valuable lesson that I have learned from the 20 Time project is to do what you are passionate about.  This has been a very important lesson for me because not only have I identified one of my passions, but I am living it.  Even though I have been volunteering at the food pantry for almost 10 years, I always thought that it was a real pain going.  However, over the past couple of months, I have come to understand that volunteering is more than a privilege.  It is an honor to help out people who are in need and to give them the gift of being thankful for what they receive.

This will help me through the rest of my project because I will enjoy doing the work that I need to do.  If I wasn’t doing something that I loved, then it would be a drag fulfilling my promise to complete this project.  This will help me throughout the course of my high school career, because I will be able to continue pursuing my passion.  Along the way, I may even get more of my peers to volunteer with me, which would give them the feeling that I feel every time that I help someone.  With this feeling, my friends will be able to tell more people and better the community in the long run.  

Monday, November 4, 2013

Pitch Day

On pitch day, I wasn't very nervous to give my presentation to the various parents and administrators.  This was because I practiced over and over again and I also gave a presentation to my class the day before pitch day.  This practice gave me a feeling of confidence, because I knew that I was ready for anything that could have come my way for the presentations.  As the guests started to enter the room, I could feel a high level of nervousness throughout the room.  I don't know if it was because they  felt as if they didn't practice enough or what.  However, I thought that the entire class gave very spectacular presentations on Wednesday and Thursday.

As I was waiting for a guest to come to my station, I was feeling very good about the people around me and how they were presenting.  As someone finally neared my spot, I took a deep breath and I gave it my best effort.  After the presentation, I was asked a couple of questions and was told that I did a very good job at getting my process across and elaborating the details of my project.  As the couple left, I was given this sudden boost that made me want to do one presentation after the other.  I was so excited to tell more people about my project.  Unfortunately, it was a while longer until the next couple came to me. However, I was still full of energy and gave an even better presentation than I did the last time.  As the day came to an end, I was feeling very good about myself, and I was proud that I did even better than I expected to do.

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Benefits Of 20 Time

The Benefits Of 20 Time
My partner and I have completed almost everything that we would have like to have done. However, the only major thing that we have yet to complete is actually working at the food pantry. Up until now, we have worked out all of the details with the manager of the food pantry. All we need to do is go to help out at the food pantry whenever there is a shortage of volunteers. This information that was given to us has helped us greatly, because we were told the days when they would need volunteers which benefits both of our schedules.
I have learned many things about myself throughout the process of this project. For one thing, I have learned that I too have a passion for helping people who need it along with my passion of food. My strategy is to just help out whenever possible and to help as many people as possible. I have needed to overcome a little problem that included contacting the authority. I had a problem with getting her contact information because the food pantry's phone number wasn't always available. Therefore, I had to receive her personal phone number in order to make sure that I could reach her whenever I needed. The process up until the call and following the call was relatively straight-forward in what I had to do in order to accomplish the task.
I have learned from "real world" experiences that many things can be difficult. Even if it is something as simple as transportation, or something serious like annual income. For example, I have realized that it can be time consuming to just do a simple task like driving 30 minutes. Also, I know how hard it is for the people that attend the food pantry to make ends meet. With what we do, we have to make sure they are eligible to be in the food pantry, and I see some of their incomes. This knowledge has helped me become more aware of people's situations and what they are facing. With this knowledge, I can try to help these people in need. Also, this has helped me develop ways that I can help myself to avoid this kind of situation when I am older.  

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Contacting The Authority

Contacting the Authority
When I contacted my authority, Mrs. Kris Pollick, I called her on the phone. After I called her, I introduced myself. I said my name, and right away she knew who I was. Therefore, it made the entire process seem a little easier, because of the relationship that we have developed over the years of volunteering. After settling into the call, I told her about 20 Time. I explained to her what the project was all about, and how my partner and I were going to execute the project.
I didn't have any issues with the call. If anything, the call raised my expectations of the amount of work that my partner and I were allowed to get done. This was because I was expecting just random days that we would help volunteer. However, she offered me a reliable source where she would send me the schedule of the Food Pantry. She would tell us when there isn't enough volunteers, and we could come to volunteer whenever our schedules allowed. If we couldn't, that would be ok. However, not volunteering would result in us not getting as long of hours as we wanted.
One of the important things I learned was how to improve my communication skills over the phone. I also learned more about the Catholic Harvest Food Pantry, and some of the everyday operations of the place. What I intend to do next is follow through with my plans of volunteering. I hope to get a sufficient amount of hours volunteering. Too add on, I hope that I get to help out the community by giving my time and giving them the food that we have to offer.